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Environmental Policy Statement

Richmond CNC Engineering recognises itself as one of the leading precision engineering companies with an obligation to comply with applicable legislation and appropriate ‘Codes of Practice’ as well as other applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, whilst carrying out its business activities in as environmentally sound a manner as possible. The Company also recognises its responsibility to customers, employees, neighbours and other interested parties as well as the natural environment.

The Company will ensure that this policy is periodically reviewed, documented, maintained and communicated to all of our employees, whilst also being available, on request, to the general public.

Through the management of environmental aspects and impacts, the Company is committed to the ‘Prevention of Pollution’ as well as endeavouring to continually improve any process operations that may impact on the environment.

The Company will endeavour to reduce the amount of waste materials it produces, whilst disposing of such waste in a safe and responsible way, utilising such forms of reuse, recycling and disposal that are deemed environmentally effective.

Gary Rich

Managing Partner