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Recently, we decided to design and engineer some dominoes, ones which included our own style and stood out from others we had priously seen.

Although we’re still deciding, we think we found the face of our new dominoes! (Prototypes) After playing around with different themes, colours and fonts, we’ve decided the design on this particular one stood out the most. There’s still more to come though, in various colours and textures.


Pictured above are some of our prototypes. So far we’ve experimented with 6082 in colours red, blue and black.


Our most recent domino, detailed with swarovski diamonds.


Ball bearings and Swarovski crystals to add, but a sneak peek of our red edition dominoes – almost ready.

2 complete dominoes sets! Our Red Edition and 3D Edition.


Some of our fresh faced dominoes, now varying in more colours. Introducing orange, purple, gold and clear!


Stage 5 of 8 complete: Dotting of the Dominoes.

A gallery of just some of our vibrant dominoes.

Not only do our domino sets have their own individual colours, we’ve also included black and clear swarovski crystals. Pictured above are 2 dominoes; one from a black swarovski crystal / gold set and one from a clear swarovski crystal / gold set. Although the change is little, the effect it has is quite different.